Released: 9/15/05

Nothing Can Save Me Now Think i wrote this with my sorta nephew, Kabir Green. Gave him a few lessons on guitar when he was a wee lad. A few years ago he had lunch with Paul McCartney. Said they sang Here There and Everywhere together, Macca on piano. Man was i jealous.

Perfect Woman is really a sufi story from mullah Nasrudeen, the persian fool/sage. Another one from Nashville. What do you think of the punchline, ladies?

Kafka on the Shore was written after reading the book by Haruki Murakami. I have tried to contact the author through his publisher to no avail. If you hear this this little song sir, I hope you enjoy it.

The Prisoner comes from the life of one Winfield Patterson, who is most likely still serving a life sentence in a prison in Pennsylvania for a crime he committed when he was 19. Did anyone besides me do lots of dumb stuff at that age? It’s the Wall St and Washington crowd that should be behind bars, IMHO.


Savin’ My Life With a Song Another Nashville ditty. I met some incredible songwriters in that town a few years ago.

My Angel Came Along That’s a pretty one. Who is my angel? That’s a good question.

Listen to the Radio is of course straight outta Nashville. Check the references to Elvis and Patsy Cline.