The Mercy of Time

The Mercy of Time. What gave birth to that song? The birth of Soul jazz perhaps. Recorded at brother Joe Stoudt’s Digital Dog Studios outside my home town of Philadelphia PA. Hey Joe it’s the return of The Claw. Always wanted my very own Jerr-ettes. They sweetened the vocals so much. Leroi Patterson on bass, James Wayne Robinson on drums and special guest brother Louis Taylor on sax. My good friend David Mowry who, along with his son adrian lead the band Beaucoup Blue, says I should have recorded this a bit slower. I hope one day we can do that together, my brother.

Too Many Love Songs. Over a 20 year span, I must have played at a thousand weddings. At the end of the night I would play a little game with myself. If the groom was dancing with his bride, I figured they had a pretty good shot. But if he was face down at the bar with his high school pals and she was crying in her daddy’s arms, oh well. Never kept an official tally but i hoped one day a song would come of it and sure enough one day i was buying tomatoes and it came to me how we have been conditioned by Hollywood and the music business to believe in happily ever after. I still do, and today clinches it for me. Took me twenty years and 15 minutes to write that one little song.

Over Past Crazy Gone is based on a saying of a wise friend of mine. Another version may surface shortly.

What do you make of The Rose of Bagdhad? The solo bit, composed while swimming, was played beautiful by my friend Matt Lamar on guitar.

The Dove is something i composed in the late 80s with my first midi sequencer. This version was recorded several years in the studio and yes that is me playing the sitar at the end. Enjoy the music like i am enjoying the sunset over the Pacific right now from this rooftop.

You may know that Blue Monk is a jazz classic written by Thelonious Sphere Monk, whom i had the pleasure of meeting when i was 14. I told the story of dinner and backstage for the second show so many times to musician friends that i had to use Monk’s tune to tell it once and for all. RIP Maestro. I hope there’s a bar on some other level where you can play as much or as little as you want and no cops can come in and take away your cabaret card.

Daddy’s Tune (a song for the single dad). I was a single dad for a few years so when i saw some guy carrying his daughter down front steps to his car in the street early one morning, she’s wearing sleepers and holding a teddy, this song floated by in the breeze and i happened to catch ahold. Louis Taylor on sax.

The Way We Go Along This song, along with others in the album The Mercy of Time, was recorded in 1997 or thereabouts. I recall writing it one morning in the shower, late for work as usual. Must have been having car trouble or something equally inconvenient at the time. Great musicians helped me record these songs. Thank you gentlemen wherever you may be. Can’t forget the lovely Jerr-ettes singing harmony.