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As many of you know, there is already a wealth of info available about Mevlana Jalal al Din Rumi. I will say only that I have been very fortunate to find these beautiful poems of ageless wisdom from one of the great masters who happens to be much beloved in the world today, 800 years after his last known appearance.

Believe me I have tried recording these songs and also those of Rumi’s friend Yunus Emre many times over these last few years. At this point, i feel the best thing to do is to make these little home videos with my ipad. Just voice and guitar. The point is the words, along with the melody that can carry them deep into your soul. Let these timeless ideas accompany you on your journey.

A brief footnote. I was given a cd of these in turkish with classical accompaniment in 2007. I had to work with the translations til they could be sung, and I am proud of the result. But Rumi’s song AS troubled me. How was I to sing “I am a servant of the Kuran on the path of Muhammad”. Not very user friendly to many western listeners. But I think Rumi is speaking of the Kuran that can be read in one’s own heart, not the book that hundreds of millions of muslims take for their bible. Muhammad, as explained to me by my teacher, is the Light or Presence that existed before creation. But recently it has become clear from Rumi’s own words, “if anyone quotes from my sayings anything other than this…”, that he is telling me I’ve got to sing this song in order to sing any of the others. So I did. I don’t really know anything about all this stuff. I play piano and a bit of guitar. These songs, and those of Yunus Emre, have come to me and I feel that it is my duty to freely send this message out to the world as plainly as I can. I certainly mean no disrespect to anyone or to anyone’s religious beliefs. Everything is Love.

This is what I have come to here to do; to sing for you.


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